Aathu Karaila karpalipu

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and said to lick her pussy “ en pundaiya naku da pls, rumba kanchu pooi iruken da va,” Then after some time she said its time up, come leave your dick and fuck it hard “ Papu time ila da vanthu kuthu, “ then she guided my dick inside her pussy and she started moaning heavealy “ ahh…ah…ah…, nalla vitu kuthu da,,,mm…., vegama kuthuda…ah,   valikuthu daa , sekaram Kanchiya vitu en pundaiya Nerapu da,” Then After some time I said, Im going to cum , she said its ok leave all my cum inside pussy,” paravala da ella kanchiyaum en pundailayae vitru da, enaku athu venum da, na onaku oru pulla pethu tharen da,, mm nala vitu aatu da….mm…ah…” Then I filled her pussy with my cum and hardly pressed her boobs and drank her milk, then I later paid her and she told due to big amount I paid her she will allow me to fuck her often whenever I like and pay when I have money only.then whenever we get small time I use t drink her milk, and she will give me blow job for free.., any girls or aunts can call me for secret relationship, even Im available for sexchat too in all social network, I will also share my experience with you personally, contact me on [email protected], please send me your valuable comments its my request. thank you for reading.

Aathu Karaila karpalipu

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